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The JTS Topology Suite is a Java API that implements a core set of spatial data operations using an explicit precision model and robust geometric algorithms. JTS is intended to be used in the development of applications that support the validation, cleaning, integration and querying of spatial datasets. This document is the design specification for the classes, methods and algorithms implemented in the JTS Topology Suite.
JTS attempts to implement the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification (SFS) as accurately as possible. In some cases the SFS is unclear or omits a specification; in this case JTS attempts to choose a reasonable and consistent alternative. Differences from and elaborations of the SFS are documented in this specification

It has the following design goals:

  • JTS conforms to the Simple Features Specification for SQL published by the Open GIS Consortium
  • JTS provides a complete, consistent, robust implementation of fundamental 2D spatial algorithms
  • JTS is fast enough for production use
  • JTS is written in 100% pure Java
  • JTS is open source (under the LGPL license)